It’s all in the dough

I just realised that I haven’t blogged about baking for ages. I have been baking, of course. Since the kitchen was finished I haven’t stopped. I have been testing recipes in order to create a menu which customers can order from. Next week I take a food safety course after which I will be fully ready to open for business. I decided to offer some speciality breads as well as cakes and biscuits for the Halloween and Christmas holidays so I have been kneading for England. Above is a French Couronne, meaning ‘crown’, an enriched dough stuffed with fruits, nuts and marzipan and twisted into a circle. Baked in France for Christmas, it is glazed with a sweet icing and finished with flaked almonds. In my opinion it would make a lovely change from a traditional fruit cake. I also made a Brioche au Nutella, light fluffy bread made with eggs and butter and full of chocolate hazelnut spread. Yesterday I baked some savoury loaves with bacon and cheddar cheese. Thinking about it, maybe that is why I had the nightmare, all that cheese!

I will post separately with some photos of my cakes and let you know how the training course went (and if I passed)!

Thanks for reading. xx




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