Even More Progress

I couldn’t resist posting a picture of my new stair carpet which was fitted today. Right at the beginning of this renovation project I had a vision for the hall and finally it is all finished. I’m delighted with how it looks.

Next up is the kitchen. I’m working with our builder on the design right now. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you all.

Thanks for reading. Xx

11 thoughts on “Even More Progress

  1. I once lived in a house in Notting Hill that had a stairwell with almost identical carpet. The owner was an editor for one of the glossy magazines – I don’t know which. Everyone who visited loved that carpet.

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    1. My taste is a bit “out there” Caramel. Our builder nearly choked on his tea when I told him I wanted leopard print carpet! We also painted the hall ceiling dark grey and now he wants to do the same in his own house. I’m delighted with how it’s all looking now. X

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