Visible Results

gray and white castle built near a cliff
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They say that a mans’ home is his castle. I’d agree with that, judging by the queues to get out of our local Ikea on a Saturday. We are always trying to improve our homes, whether it’s hanging some new curtains or installing a state of the art kitchen. As a nation we are obsessed with DIY shows and many of us confess to regularly perusing sites like Rightmove to get our fix of ‘property porn’. With the housing market slowing at the present time, more and more of us are looking to give our homes a makeover instead of moving.

As you know we are currently about mid way through a big renovation project. We have been doing up the Money Pit since the summer of last year. It has been stressful at times, although I am learning all the time how to get the best out of the builders. They have produced some beautiful work and I can’t fault the contractor’s organisational skills but he is not always great at communicating what is in his head to us. He is here most days checking up on what is being done, while managing many other projects but he now knows that I will ask him each time what the plans are for the following day. I find that I can cope with all the mess and disruption so long as I know which tradesmen to expect each day and roughly when they will arrive. This gives me time to make sure I’m up and dressed and that I’ve let the dogs out so that we can all retreat to wherever we are camping out that day, usually as far away from the noise as we can get.

For the past ten days or so we have been using the orangery as our temporary living room while the floors are being laid. We have a sofa in there so when my husband is home we perch his iPad on a little table in front of us to watch tv, but while he is away I don’t like sitting out here alone once it’s dark. The thought of the garden being right there but not being able to see it creeps me out and the lantern roof, which during the day floods the room with light, seems to bear down on me, making me feel claustrophobic. So instead, I take the dogs up to the bedroom with me and read. I’ve become quite used to this nomadic lifestyle, moving from one area of the house to the next as work progresses. What I am really enjoying is being able to see the finished results properly. For a long time, things were being done randomly so it was impossible to imagine how the finished room would look. The wet room appeared to be disjointed until I dressed it with colourful towels and pretty soaps then it suddenly came together and I could see my vision, finally fulfilled. It still gives me a buzz every time I go in there to check that its clean and tidy (I’m really just going in to gaze at how lovely it is!)

The floor tiles in the hall did not come to life until the grouting was finished, somehow that black line in between each tile changed the appearance of it entirely, something I still find puzzling. Some people possess the ability to picture how something will look beforehand. I sadly don’t have that insight, I have to wait until it is completed and hope that all the items I have chosen will work together. Usually they do so maybe I do have a better grasp for interior design than I think. We are hoping to be back in our living room within the next few weeks, when the last of the furniture is due to arrive. We have decided to have a short break once this is all done before starting the kitchen and bedrooms. It will be wonderful to have a few weeks without the builders, to be able to lie-in and plan days out etc. Right now though, it’s time to buy a new television. Big wants a huge screen that he can see without his glasses on. I will leave him to choose the model, whether we have OLed, QLed, 4K, curved or no edge, that’s man’s stuff, but, whatever model he goes for, I have a feeling it will be like sitting in the cinema when I am watching Escape to the Chateaux!

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