The Money Pit strikes back.

It has been an eventful, roller-coaster ride of a week. I’m slowly recovering from my mystery virus. Most of the yuckiest symptoms have gone but I’m still exhausted.

I think if you did a survey and asked a hundred people what is the worst thing about having building work done, I am certain they would all say it’s the dust. I mean thick layers of dust that find their way onto every surface and into every exposed body cavity. My poor little French Bulldog Wilson has a constant runny snout because of it. My hoover is suffering from over-use. Every day I am fighting a loosing battle to try to keep one space in the house dust free. The orangery is my sanctuary. Even though it is freezing cold as most days the plumber is working on the dysfunctional pipework system, I come out here and sit at the table to write. The dogs sit in the windows and look at the garden. I pretend that the hammering and sawing, the sounds of Magic radio which the builders insist on listening to and the almost daily changing of the skip on the driveway are not happening. Occasionally I am asked a question by one of the guys. Something technical like the thickness of tiles we have chosen for the bathroom? I usually look at them blankly at this point. Huh? I just chose the prettiest ones, I don’t have a scooby how thick they are! At some point during the day the contractor, Lee, arrives to check on progress and update me on stuff. He is old school and doesn’t really like talking to me because I am merely a woman. He is very much more animated when talking to Vern. They can chat away for ages about football and beer and other blokey topics. Unfortunately for Lee, my husband is usually away three days a week with work so more often than not he has to deal with me. We have a strictly “no need to worry your pretty little head about that” relationship, which I suppose is fair enough given that I don’t even know what thickness the bathroom tiles are for goodness sake!!

Anyway, progress this week has been good. The hall and living room ceilings have been skimmed to get rid of the ugly ripples of Artex which afflict the whole house. Why do people do that? What possesses people to draw patterns in plaster on their ceilings like tacky tattoos? It’s a mystery to me. The bathroom finally has a floor and as of today, a brand new ceiling, well, a plaster board impression of one anyway. The tray for the walk- in shower is going in too, it’s all very exciting.

In other news, I have managed to build a website for my china hire business. I bought a domain name ages ago but have only just got round to using it. Hopefully it will bring in some business. I’m well stocked, registered and prepared. Now I just need some bookings. I have done a few charity events so far for practice. Fingers crossed I get to show real customers what I can do!

Thanks for reading. xx




4 thoughts on “The Money Pit strikes back.

  1. Sounds like things are taking shape at last in the house it will be lovely when it’s finished! Well done with the business hope it takes off with loads of bookings xxx

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